At Mollie's Dream, our animals are our first priority. We take very seriously the responsibility of finding good, permanent homes where the animals in our care can spend the rest of their lives in a loving, nurturing environment. We've rescued them once -- we don't want to have to rescue them again.

Please take a few minutes to read our fostering and adoption policies.

Fostering Policies || Adoption Policies


Fostering Policies
  • Mollie's Dream retains all rights and ownership of the animals fostered on our behalf, including the right to recall an animal at any time at our discretion.
  • Mollie's Dream makes all decisions regarding foster care animals.
  • Foster animals must not be left under the care of unauthorized foster volunteers without prior approval from Mollie's Dream.
  • Mollie's Dream is not liable for any injury, illness, or damage to persons or property -- including volunteer-owned animals -- while an animal is in foster care.
  • Mollie's Dream may visit a foster home at any time providing a 24-hour notice has been given.
  • Prior notice is not required for the repossession of an animal when a foster volunteer fails to return the animal as requested.
  • All adoption inquiries received must be directed to Mollie's Dream.
  • Animals are matched to foster volunteers based on experience, ability, and the priority needs of animals.
  • Foster volunteer-owned animals must have up-to-date vaccinations and be spayed or neutered.
  • If necessary/requested, the foster volunteer must be able to separate foster animals from existing pets in the household.
  • Litter and food for foster animals is provided. However, unless agreed upon in advance, Mollie's Dream is not responsible for any other fostering expenses.(i.e., blankets, toys, etc.)
  • Foster volunteers must contact Mollie's Dream for all foster animal care concerns and/or questions.
  • Foster animals should not be taken to any veterinarian unless authorized by Mollie's Dream. Except for emergency situations, no veterinary expenses will be reimbursed unless prior authorization was obtained.
  • Foster volunteers must adhere to any and all training/direction provided for animals in their care.
If you'd like to become a foster volunteer, please submit our online Volunteer Application. Thank you!

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Adoption Policies

  • Potential adopters must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Prospective adopters must complete a screening process that will include a home visit.
  • In order to help improve general health and well-being, and to have a positive impact on overpopulation problems, adopted kittens/cats must be spayed/neutered at the appropriate time and proof of the completed procedure provided.
  • If a potential adopter has an unaltered animal at home, the reason(s) for that must be explained and will be considered during screening.
  • Potential adopters must not have a documented history of neglect or abuse of animals.
  • Potential adopters must not exhibit inappropriate behaviour in regards to -- or express unreasonable expectations of --  the animal being considered.
  • Potential adopters must provide proof of current address and, if renting, will be required to provide proof that pets are permitted in the residence.
  • For their general health and safety, cats should be kept indoors.
  • Adopted cats must not be subjected to unnecessary cosmetic surgery, including but not limited to declawing (an operation to surgically remove an animal's claws by means of amputating all or part of the distal phalanx, or end bones, of the animal's toes).
  • Potential adopters must demonstrate sufficient knowledge to provide appropriate care for the animal under consideration.
  • Responsible pet ownership includes proper adult supervision of children when with animals. Mollie's Dream may refuse the adoption of animals of certain temperaments to families with young children.
  • All adult household members must consent to the adoption of a companion animal.
  • For the animals safety, proof of vaccination history of other animals owned by the potential adopter may be required.
  • Potential adopters must be familiar with local by-Laws and other legal responsibilities and be prepared to abide by these regulations.

If you're interested in adopting a kitten or cat, please submit our online Adoption Application. Thank you!

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