It was January 2010. Like many other stray or feral cats, the beautiful orange tabby had nobody to provide her and her little family with the necessities of life – food, shelter, and spaying. On her own, the outlook was very bleak. She would live a maximum of two to three years, produce countless numbers of kittens, and die a horrible death.

With public awareness and support, however, we knew things could be very different. We also knew it was up to us to make it happen. So we reached out to the public with a cry for help for Mollie and her two babies, Daisy and Pumpkin. The response was heartwarming!

Our original intention was to go in and trap, neuter, and return them to the outdoors. However, it wasn’t that easy. Once we evaluated the situation, we saw that these cats could likely be socialized and adopted.

We trapped Pumpkin first (the orange and white male kitten). After only a few days, he became comfortable in his foster home, purring and allowing himself to be petted, etc.

Next, Daisy (the tabby kitten) was trapped. Again, after just a few days she began to allow brief petting, was healthy, eating, playing, etc., all while being confined.

Next came Mollie, the beautiful mom who inspired this entire project. She went straight from the barn to the vet and you can’t imagine how happy we were when she tested negative for everything! Knowing she was healthy gave us a certain strength and hope to continue. After her surgery she went straight into fostering. There seemed to be little doubt that Mollie was once owned by someone. She loved a belly rub and our hearts told us that she was truly grateful and happy to be there!

Mollie's foster home turned out to be her adoptive family. Here's what she looked like in November 2011.

And this is what her "Mommy" had to say about her back then:

"Mollie has it all now :) She REFUSES to go outside and naps on-and-off all day. When she isn't beside the fire, she sleeps on my bed. She won't even get up when I get in bed, so I end up sharing my pillow with her. Mollie loves being petted and turns her self " inside out" as soon as you speak to her. She is shy with strangers, and a bit camera shy; but she loves her home, which she shares with 3 other cats (one of them Pumpkin, her son) and 3 dogs. Its been an incredible year!"

And so, Mollie’s dream continues . . .

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