The Dream Weavers' Garden

Mollie's Dream Weavers share a garden,
that lives deep within the heart.
In it they sow the goodness,
that give strays and ferals a new start.

They warm them with the sunshine of kindness,
and no matter how hopeless things seem,
they lovingly foster and nurture the seeds
that allow each precious soul to dream.

Even in the very darkest of hours,
even through wind and rain and snow,
the roots of the Dream Weavers' garden
are protected, and so they grow.

Look at us! We are the garden blooms.
We survive because of your care.
Thanks to you, we didn't die,
and we're so grateful to be here.

Though most of us will never know
the joys of a simple human touch,
we are a direct reflection of your love,
and we thank you oh so much!

Love & Sandpaper Kisses,
Mollie & The Mollie's Dream Kitties